Anglers representing 39 TBF state federations set to compete for $42,000 in scholarships and grants

Kash Kruep and Chandler Young – Get em Boys!

COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 22, 2008) – The Bass Federation announced Tuesday its field for the 2008 National Guard Junior World Championship on Lake Monticello in Columbia, S.C., Aug. 15-16 in conjunction with the $2 million Forrest Wood Cup presented by BP and Castrol – the world’s most lucrative bass-fishing championship.

The National Guard Junior World Championship will feature youth anglers representing 39 TBF state federations fishing for $30,000 in scholarships plus $12,000 youth-program grants for their states. Each participating state will be represented by two junior anglers: one in the 11- to 14-year-old bracket and another in the 15- to 18-year-old bracket.
“These junior competitors are much more than great anglers,” said TBF President Robert Cartlidge. “They are positive examples for their peers, and they represent the future of our sport. Learning to fish through their state TBF clubs provides these children with an outlet for clean family fun. It’s a great activity that they will enjoy for a lifetime.”
The junior anglers will each be paired with an FLW Outdoors pro for competition on Lake Monticello. There will be three anglers to a boat: a junior angler from each age group plus an FLW Outdoors pro who will assist the junior anglers but will not fish. The two junior anglers will share control of the boat for the day but will compete in their respective age groups. The full field of junior anglers will compete Aug. 15 then be cut to the top angler in each age bracket from each of the TBF’s six geographic divisions. Weights will be zeroed Aug. 16 as six anglers in the 11- to 14-year-old bracket and six anglers in the 15- to 18-year-old bracket continue competition, with the winners determined by the heaviest catch from that day.

Takeoff will be held at Lake Monticello Park located at Hwy 99 Boat Ramp in Jenkinsville, S.C., beginning at 6:55 each morning and the weigh-ins will be held at 2 p.m. Aug.15 and 3:30 p.m. Aug. 16 on the main Forrest Wood Cup stage in the Colonial Center located at

801 Lincoln Street

in Columbia. Lake Monticello will be off-limits to competitors Aug. 11-15.

Designed to highlight the best up-and-coming bass-fishing talent in the country, the National Guard Junior World Championship also provides national recognition for the positive activities pursued by America’s youth.
“We really want to thank the pro anglers who serve as mentors during the tournament,” said FLW/TBF Programs Manager David Simmons. “Of course, none of this would be possible without the hard work and support of TBF youth directors and parents nationwide as well.”
First-place finishers in each age bracket will receive a $5,000 scholarship. Second-place finishers will receive a $3,000 scholarship. Third-place finishers will receive a $2,500 scholarship. Fourth-place finishers will receive a $2,000 scholarship. Fifth-place finishers will receive a $1,500 scholarship. Sixth-place finishers will receive a $1,000 scholarship.
Additionally, FLW Outdoors, on behalf of the National Guard, will award $1,000 to each of the state TBF chapters represented by the six finalists in each age bracket. This money, totaling $12,000, will benefit each chapter’s youth program.
For more information about TBF Junior Angler programs, contact your state’s TBF chapter. A list of chapters can be found at For more information about FLW Outdoors, the Forrest Wood Cup and the National Guard Junior World Championship, visit or call (270) 252-1000.
11-14 Age Group:
First Name                      Last Name                City                                    Sate
Kophen                             Sudduth                       Sulligent                              AL
Jonny                                Schultz                        Maumelle                            AR
Chance                             Kohnke                       Wickenburg                        AZ
Matt                                  Carabello                     Discovery Bay                    CA
Adam                                Burkhart                      Arvada                               CO
Justin                                Dingle                         S. Meriden                          CT
Hamilton                           Brown                         Plant City                            FL
Mark                                 Denney, Jr.                  Bonaire                               GA
Jeff                                   Gibson Jr.                    Idaho Falls                          ID
Bradley                             Burton                         Champaign                          IL
Spencer                             Branum                       Eaton                                  IN
Kash                                 Kruep                         Paola                                  KS
Lance                               Freeman                      Eddyville                             KY
Catherine                          Darnell                        West Monroe                      LA
Richard                             Vespa                         Millis                                  MA
Kyle                                  Rodriguez                    Ocean City                         MD

Zachary                            Floyd                           Severn                                MD
Jacob                                Winslow                      Poland                                ME
Colin                                 Glover                         Orion                                  MI
Lucas                                Lindgren                      Rush City                            MN
Lawson                             Hibdon                        Stover                                 MO
Garrett                              Riles                           Potts Camp                         MS
Don                                  Willis, III                     Charlotte                             NC
Drey                                 Urbanovsky                 Roca                                  NE
Niklas                               Goebel                        West Milford                       NJ
Casey                               Singree                        Crooksville                          OH
Matthew                           Hasenfratz                  Ponca City                          OK
Jacob                                Wall                            Jacksonville                         OR
Fisher                                Stewart                       Fairmount City                    PA

Lowell                               Turner III                    Bradford                             RI
Kyle                                  Black                          Winnsborg                          SC
Derek                               Samples                      Morristown                         TN
Matthew                           Bowden                      Spring                                 TX
Seth                                  Hausman                     Sandy                                 UT
Ryan                                 Drewery                     Petersburg                          VA
Benjamin                           Seaman                       Colchester                          VT
Nikolas                              Autrey                        Port Angeles                       WA
Steven                               Sellnow                       Watertown                          WI
Zach                                 Whitten                       Oceana                               WV
15-18 Age Group
First Name                      Last Name                City                                    Sate
Josh                                  Lewis                          Oneonta                              AL
Mitch                                Thompson                   Royal                                  AR
Coty                                  Moline                         Phoenix                              AZ
Jon                                    Rodgers                      Discovery Bay                    CA
Joshua                               Bender                        Lakewood                           CO
Michael                             Iovino                          New

Fairfield                      CT
Jacob                                Coverdale                    Frederica                            DE
Kevin                                Elmore                        Jacksonville                         FL
Brandon                            Curl                            Ellabell                                GA
Jacob                                Golightly                      Preston                               ID
Daniel                               Ruedi                          Champaign                          IL
Kevin                                Kretsch                       Elkhart                                IN
Kyle                                  Raymer                       Brandenburg                       KY
Tyler                                 Little                           Minden                               LA
William                              Snow                          Woburn                              MA
Ben                                   Dziwulski                    Woodbine                           MD
Nicholas                            Sampson                     Gorham                              ME
Chase                               Frechette                     Flushing                              MI
Mark                                 Shirley                         St. Cloud                             MN
Chandler                           Young                         Independence                       KS/ MO
Mathew                            Miller                          Grain Valley                        MO
Justin                                Atkins                         Columbus                            MS
David Henry                      Blanton                       Fayetteville                         NC
Tyler                                 Kleeb                          Lincoln                               NE
Frank                                Appaluccio                  Sparta                                 NJ
Brian                                 Baker                          Clinton                                OH
Tyler                                 Dennis                        Shawnee                             OK
Nathan                              Bromley                      Albany                                OR
Dillian                               Kesckes                      East Petersburg                   PA
Ryan                                 Pagano                        Cranston                             RI
David                                McEachern, Jr.            Columbia                            SC
David                                Kaldenberg                  Georgetown                        TN
Jordan                               Lane                           N. Richland Hills                 TX
Sunny                                Hawk                          Salt Lake City                     UT
Brian                                 Langford                     Petersburg                          VA
Daniel                               Infurna                        Fair Haven                          VT
Joey                                  Nania                          Liberty Lake                       WA

Broghan                            Cullen                         Sun Prairie                          WI
James                               Davis                          Clarksburg                          WV