2008 National Guard Jr. World Championships Wrap up

I can not say enough how proud I am of all the Anglers at the 2008 National Guard Championship on Lake Monticello, SC!

Kash “Money” Kruep finishes 12th in the Nation!  in the 11-14 year old age group and Chandler Young had a great time, even though the fish didn’t cooperate.

Day 1 Kash was paired with Melinda Mize Hopper and fished out of the National Guard Boat!  What a thrill he was paired with 15-18 age group contender Joey Nania from Liberty Lake, WA.

Joey had 3 fish on Day 1 and barely got edged out for the Final round.  Joey caught his fish on Drop Shot in 20 foot of water.

Kash started his day using the Berkley Frenzy Popper (threadfin shad pattern) but had no topwater action, then switched to a “shakey” head 6″ soft plastic worm, in watermellon purple flake.  He was using his 1276 Abu matic spooled with Berkely Trilene and his favorite Berkley Lighting Rod!  The fish hit in about 20 foot on the bottom when the Magic happen!  He landed his fish of 1 pound 9 ounce largemouth bass.  It was getting sunny out and his new Solar Bat Sunglasses really offered great relief!

A special thanks from the Kansas Contenders to all the great sponsors:

Berkley, Lowrance, Ranger Boats, Yamaha, Evinrude, Solar Bat, Flw Outdoors, TBF, Walmart and the National Guard!

What a great program for the youth of America!  For anyone who didn’t know we have programs for every age group now!

Reel Kids 7-10 years old

TBF Youth Clubs/Events 11-18

TBF Federation 18 – to any age

BFL 16 to any age

FLW Strens 16 to any age

FLW Series 16 to any age

FLW Tour 16 to any age!

I am very proud of my association with FLW/TBF and of our Anglers.

Kerry Kruep, TBFKS State President


Tour Highlights Kash “Money” Kruep 11-14


Overall 2008 Jr. World Championship! Kash Kruep12th place


Chandler Young 15-18

Tour Highlights


Over all Chandler Young


By Divisions  Kash Kruep and Chandler Young