Ed Berends Wins TBFKS State Championship

Ed Berends is the Maximum Performer!


First Name Last Name Total # Fish Total Weight
1 Ed Berends 9 20.13
2 Chris Savoie 7 19.17
3 Casey Scanlon 7 18.48
4 Dylan Webb 7 17.21
5 Michael Hays 7 16.91
6 Robert Garver 6 16.88
7 Larry Stoafer 8 16.55
8 Matt King 8 14.93
9 Jeff Gatton 4 14.32
10 Kit Lueg 4 13.9
11 Brent Neis 6 13.89
12 Jason Baird 5 12.34
13 Larry Riffey 3 11.66
14 Kerry Kruep 5 11.4


1st place:

Ed Berends:
Day one caught all fish about 2/3 of the way back in a creek.Fish were relating to wood from 2 ft. to 8 ft. all fish were near or on small secendary points. Day 2 fish were on a long flat main lake point, 1 on a tree row 6 ft. deep 1 on unseen lay downs 6 ft. deep. Last 2 fish came from same creek as first days fish. The fish had moved to 8 to 10 ft., and were on rock off the small points. All fish were caught on 10 inch worm.

2nd place:

Chris Savoie’s Keys to Success! in his own words:

“The plan for both days was to start shallow in dirty water then move to some suspended fish I had. Saturday I stayed in dirty water all day and caught fish on 10 in worms, and spinnerbaits on wind blown banks. Sunday started in same dirty water but did make the move to go after the suspended fish. All fish came on 10in red shad worm on Sunday. Sunday yielded keepers from 1 foot of water to suspended over 40. Repeated casts to the same cover made the difference Sunday.”

8th Place

Matt King Keys to Success!

Crankbaits and Spinner baits around pods of bait fish, around wood.

Big Bass:
Larry Riffey

Ranger Cup:
Chris Savoie – 1st
Kit Lueg – 2nd


1-6 Boaters
7-12 Non Boaters
13, 14 Alternates